Spectacular Sydney

Ahh Sydney. What a city. It doesn’t feel like it has as much ‘soul’ as Melbourne, but oh my, that harbour wins me over every time, especially when there’s fireworks and celebrations everywhere you look. It’s hard not to love it.


Sydney Harbour from Mrs Macquarie’s Point

This is my third time to this sprawling city, where I have spent the last 5 days. I depart for Hobart (Tasmania) today, so I thought I’d best update you on my Aussie adventure so far…

My trip was timed perfectly when it comes to free entertainment – Australia Day was 26th January, Chinese New Year commenced 27th January and being summer there has been myriad performances going on around the city; lots to keep me busy. I have walked pretty much everywhere and seen so much.


Royal Botanic Gardens

It took me a short while to adjust to staying in a hostel as a lone traveller. I only have one previous experience of staying in an Australian hostel and it wasn’t great. This one has been much better I am pleased to say. Chatting to some of the girls in my 8-bed dorm room has come quite naturally, a few are quite surprised by the extent of my travel experiences, the fact that I am keen to cycle and camp around Tasmania, and by how much I walk every day. Well, you can’t go spending money on buses and trains when you have a good pair of legs!


Darling Harbour by night

Some of the places I have explored in the city are:

  • The CBD (central business district), including the Queen Victoria Building, Town Hall, and Central (where my hostel is)
  • The Rocks (the oldest area of Sydney)
  • THE harbour/circular quay (The Opera House and Harbour Bridge)
  • Chinatown (17% of Sydney’s population are of Asian descent)
  • Darling Harbour (newest part of Sydney)
  • Surry Hills (funky cafes and shops)
  • Royal Botanic Gardens, Domain and Art Gallery of New South Wales
  • Darlinghurst (where my favourite gelato shop is – Messina)
  • Sydney Observatory
  • Milsons Point/Luna Park (North Sydney)
  • Manly Beach via the 6 mile Sydney Spit to Manly walkway

Random photos from around the city – 

Sydney Spit to Manly walkway photos –


A lizard on the walkway


On the ferry ride from Manly to circular quay

Australia Day was fantastic – the city became even more ‘alive’ – and extremely busy. I spent the day watching the celebrations down at the quay and The Rocks. On the water there was a ‘ferrython’, tall ships race and ‘dancing boats’. There was also cannon fire, singing, a red arrows fly-over, bands, market stalls, fun stuff for kids and an Aboriginal Smoking Ceremony (herbs and plants burnt to cleanse the land of bad spirits), and lots more. Plus the finale – fireworks over Darling Harbour. Fantastic.

Australia Day photos – 


Australia Day at The Rocks

Last night I walked over the Harbour Bridge at sunset and witnessed yet more fireworks at the Sydney Opera House. I assume they were to mark the start of Chinese New Year. What a lovely surprise.


Twilight from Milsons Point

For now Tasmania awaits… I am so excited to visit some new territory in Australia.



10 thoughts on “Spectacular Sydney

    1. Do it!! Haha. Best gelato ever. I have been back to Messina each time I’ve been in Oz (there’s one in Melbourne and now more than one in Sydney – they’re very popular). I love their creative flavours 🙂 Thanks for reading! I am now in Tasmania (Hobart) and planning my cycling… Eek! X


  1. Stunning photos as usual Liz. They brought back some lovely memories of the time Stuart and I spent in Sydney. Please tell me more about the aboriginal smoking ceremony and the photo of you and the aboriginal man with the canoe?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks mum 🙂 It’s a great city. The smoking ceremony involves the burning of native herbs and plants, and keeping the flame alight for many hours, which is said to have cleansing properties and ward off bad spirits. It is an ancient custom of the Australian aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders. The men were tending the soldering flames and also playing the didgeridoo and answering questions about their culture, as well as posing for photos obviously. The canoe is made from stringy bark and the pose we’re doing is reaching out to family I think… I can’t really remember what he said now x


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