Paddington Crowsticks

First things first, I had best explain the reasoning behind this blog post’s title – “Paddington Crowsticks”…

Question – What happens if you mash-up the call of a crow, with a cat’s meow, and one of them giggle/groan sticks some people may remember from childhood…?

Answer – A Paddington Crowstick – as Dave and I have named them because we were surrounded by their strange and unique sounds whilst staying in the Brisbane suburb of Paddington – or an Australian crow to others.


Dave and I enjoying a coffee in Brisbane’s “oh so cold Winter”!

Now that the important business of clarifying the title is over with I will tell you a little bit about how we spent our time when we returned to Brisbane from New Caledonia, which felt weirdly like we were going “home”. Not that home is a word I seldom use; I’m very much aware that it features in my vocabulary to describe basically anywhere that my backpack is.


A church in Rosalie (Paddington)

An airbnb apartment in Paddington was to be our base for a week while we explored, relaxed, planned our next move, and ate… Ok… Mainly ate; we had a list as long as our arms of cafes and restaurants around the area to try. Every time we went for a stroll we would come across a new eatery with a delicious sounding menu. It’s hard to choose a favourite but I think we both concur that ‘Naim’ – a middle-eastern street food inspired healthy cafe – just pips the polls, along with ‘Gelato Messina’ in South Brisbane. ‘Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers’ and ‘Kettle and Tin’ closely follow.


Other things we got up to, aside from satiating our appetites, included:

  • Dave getting his “geek fix” at a Marvel Exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art (I surprisingly enjoyed it too)
  • Wandering around the Museum of Queensland, finding the Space Photography Exhibition particularly fascinating
  • Moseying around an old cinema which is now quirky Paddington Antique Centre
  • Catching up with a lovely relative of mine and her husband over a tasty breakfast

Breakfast at the ‘Chocolate Orange’ cafe

For the last three days of our stay we hired a car and went a little further afield on day trips. A 10 km walk at Enoggera Reservoir on the outskirts of Brisbane and a drive up Mount Coot-tha occupied us one day. We also drove a few hours north to the Sunshine Coast, and a few hours south across the state border into northern New South Wales the other two days. More on that next time…





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