Mooching around Melbourne

Melbourne – the capital city of Victoria – was on my agenda after leaving Buninyong. In three days I managed to have a good look around; trying predominantly to visit places I haven’t seen during my last trips to this great Australian city.
Delicious food, striking street art, grand architecture, glorious sunshine, lush gardens, talented buskers (including ‘Opal Ocean’), and tasty coffee combined with lots of pavement pounding made for a fantastic few days. I am a real fan of Melbourne; it’s full of character and culture, and hosts lots of sporting events (I’ve been to the Australian Open tennis tournament and the Grand Prix here before). For a big city it’s not ‘arf bad.

This street art reminded me of something ‘Derek’ would say Sarah Taylor and David Pearce (Derek is a British TV series by Ricky Jervais)

I had booked a really good ‘airbnb’ in the suburb of Abbotsford, 2km east of the city centre. My last Melbourne visits led me to explore the southern beaches, city centre, and west. So staying in the north-east was a good choice, especially as I used my leg-power to get around; soaking up the feel of the suburbs, stopping to admire the brightly-coloured street art and feeling the buzz of the city streets.
I will let the photos and captions paint a picture of my latest Melbourne experience; but I’ll just mention one particular eatery called ‘Lentil as Anything’, because I think it’s a humble venture worth my praise. This ‘pay-as-you-feel’ self-serve vegetarian café caters for all walks of life: providing flavoursome food in a relaxed atmosphere, made possible by volunteers and goodwill. I must remember to review it fondly on Trip Advisor. Here is a link to the website if you’re interested:
I also managed to meet up with my lovely friends from the SIBA Buddhist Retreat Centre help exchange. We had a great Vietnamese meal together in East Melbourne.
Remember I wrote a blog post called “Trust the Universe”? Well guess what was on the care-label of a new pair of (fabulous) leggings I bought in Melbourne the same day I posted the blog…


Tasmania. I’m coming back!



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