Tasmania’s Great Eastern Drive by bike – Intro

At last I have the opportunity to share my first cycle tour experience with you. One word. Wow!

Me and my bike taking a rest at Scamander Beach

Following my amazing but short practice run on Tasmania’s Bruny Island I completed the ‘Great Eastern Drive’. After cycling over 400 km /248 miles and transporting all my camping gear, equipment, food, clothes, and the kitchen sink on the back of the bike, I think I gave it a fair crack of the whip!

My bike on Maria Island National Park

I certainly didn’t opt for the easiest destination on the globe, what with Tasmania’s mountainous landscape, narrow and winding roads, and notoriously unpredictable weather… but the east coast is definitely manageable for a first touring attempt. It is flatter and the elements generally more settled than the west.

Sunrise over Freycinet National Park from Mayfield Bay free camp

In terms of practicality, there are plenty of campsites (most of them free) or accommodation options, short distances between towns and small stores, quite a few places to fill water bottles and charge electronics, and best of all, an abundance of stunning vistas, friendly people and fascinating wildlife (usually alive, but unfortunately all-too-often roadkill as well). The only negative worth mentioning is the narrow roads with little room for movement when faced with large trucks.

View of Wineglass Bay and Hazards Beach from Mt Amos – Freycinet National Park

Right, now I will try to keep my account of this amazing experience brief, but I can’t promise it will be. So I’ll separate the journey into bite-sized chunks for easy reading…
Part 1 to come very soon!

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