Life in Hobart

Helping to build a wood shelter, weeding in the rain, visiting the Australian Wooden Boat Festival, and preparing for my cycle tour has been mainly how I’ve occupied my time since my last blog post. Oh, and not forgetting my progression from a non-red wine drinker, to a red wine fan; I’m now partial to an Australian Shiraz. My sister always said I would develop the taste for it when I was 30, and with only 8 months to go, she wasn’t far off!


Hobart buildings


Hobart streets

The Australian Wooden Boat Festival is held every 2 years on Hobart’s historic waterfront. There are hundreds of wooden boats of all sizes, music, food stalls and entertainment. I visited on Saturday morning, which is also when the Salamanca Market is on. The waterfront and Salamanca was buzzing with people.

The wood shelter day –

My gardening skills put to the test for my Help Exchange hosts (the weather in Hobart is so changeable) –


Weeding in the rain one minute….


…weeding in the sunshine the next


Tasmanian wood scorpion found in my room

Tomorrow I depart on a cycle tour adventure of Bruny Island. Wish me luck!



6 thoughts on “Life in Hobart

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Joanne. I appreciate it. I am having a fantastic time cycling around Bruny Island. Thanks family are lovely and I am going back to theirs before setting off up the east coast. I hope you’re all well. Miss you too xx


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