Happy in Hobart

I’m loving Hobart so far. It’s such a chilled out city, and full of such wonderful people. I am always touched at how kind and helpful most Aussie’s are – almost as lovely as their neighbours across the pond (Kiwi’s)!


Salamanca Market – Hobart

A great family in south Hobart are hosting me as a ‘help exchange’ helper at the moment. I am exchanging my gardening skills for food and board. It’s working out fantastically so far. They live in such a friendly community and they lead a very outdoor lifestyle which suits me down to the ground.

Since arriving at the families’ home I have been welcomed wholeheartedly; I’ve joined them on an evening of rock climbing followed by a visit to the pub, a pizza evening at the neighbours’, and for curry in the city on the lawns of Salamanca Place. I’ve also enjoyed having a quick go on their indoor climbing wall and just generally spending time with them.


Sampling a famous scallop pie from the Salamanca Market – Hobart. Delicious!

Training for my cycling tour has been on the agenda for me of late, so as well as doing lots of physical work in the garden (mainly weeding) I have been trying to get used to cycling uphill, which doesn’t come naturally to me – being from Fenland in Cambridgeshire, hills are a bit of a novelty. I have been getting some good tips and advice from my hosts and the neighbourhood though, who are pretty much all keen cyclists (mountain and road), one of which knows Tassie roads like the back of his hand. He has warned me about two stretches in particular which are tremendously steep and gruesome to cycle up. I am inquiring about options for buses on them sections!


Me with my new bike in Hobart. Mount Wellington in the background.

The most I have ventured on my bike so far is up to Fern Tree at the base of Mount Wellington, and then on to Longley. The ride was 40 km/24.8 miles, which included over 1000 metres of ascent. I managed it quite well. I was pleased with myself… although I didn’t have the trailer I am probably going to be borrowing for my tour attached, or much in the way of luggage in tow. I have definitely got a challenge ahead of me.


View from the road between Fern Tree and Longley on my bike ride

Today I met up with a friend who lives in Hobart and her daughter. We went for lunch and drove to the summit of Mount Wellington. Spectacular views.


View from atop Mount Wellington – with the gnarled trees like you find along the south coast of NZ

Until next time.



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