Buses, Bugs and Brass Monkeys!

The past 11 days have been all about the B’s…

I have sat for 32 hours on Greyhound night Buses (16 hours each way between Vancouver and Calgary), caught a sickness bug, and endured the ridiculously low temperatures in Calgary – with an average of about -20°c (hence the “Brass Monkey” expression).

So, in case you wanted to hear a little more information than that, here goes… the reasoning behind me sitting through a stupidly long bus journey rather than catching a short flight was, yep, you guessed it, price. It was about a third of the price, but 10 times as long. It was actually okay though. I had read horror stories on the internet about the Greyhound Buses in Canada, saying they were dreadful, always late, had rude staff, crimes were committed on board, the buses stank etc etc. but my experience was rather good on the contrary. There are a few unsavory characters which use the buses, but on the whole I was pretty happy. It was a little hair-raising when we needed to follow the snowploughs’ lead up through a pass as the snow was really thick, but the white and black hued mountains and pine trees were stunning in the moonlight (it was a super-moon on the return leg) – I had forgotten just how beautiful the Rockies are.

During a refreshment break

During a refreshment break

The 11 days I spent with my best friend and her family in Calgary were eventful, but not quite in the sense we were imagining them to be… we were all sick at some point (I won’t go into detail, but this even includes the dog!) and I had chosen THE coldest period to visit, which meant the roads were quite dangerous and it was a struggle to even breathe outside (!), so we were limited on things to do. Plus, those who know me at all, know that I hate the cold – great timing hey!

We did however get to spend time with each other, which was wonderful, and we managed to go for a few meals out, went sledging, drove through the fantastic Spruce Meadows Christmas lights, visited Bragg Creek and Elbow Falls, and went shopping.

A chilly Elbow Falls

A chilly Elbow Falls

Between getting the bus back to Vancouver and catching my flight to New Zealand, I took a few photos…

Next up… ‘The land of the long white cloud’/Aotearoa/New Zealand, warmth, family and Dave!



16 thoughts on “Buses, Bugs and Brass Monkeys!

  1. Looks amazing!! we moan its cold here!! Glad you got to see and do things despite being ill..bet it was lovely spending time with Rachel and the little one!!..safe journey…flip flop and Pearce time soon…yayyy!! Take care dear xxx

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  2. Liz, this looks amazing. I also am not very good with cold, but Julia would love to move to Canada. I am seeing Dave very soon and I hope to be seeing you at the very, very end of your super life experience. Best wishes Phil and Family.

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  3. Hi Liz, we are all enjoying your blog and looking forward to seeing you again soon. The animals are as mad as usual and we took Stampy to the beach in Adelaide yesterday. She tried to catch every seagull, ate a bucket of sand and absolutely loved it. P&P.x

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