Exploring ‘Raincouver’

My two nights in ‘Raincouver’ (I am going to call it that from now on as it has pretty much been raining constantly!) were great. I walked, and walked, and walked some more, revisiting places and seeing new sights. My favourite spots in Raincouver are: Gastown (the city’s oldest neighbourhood), Granville Island, the beaches, Grouse Mountain (which I haven’t been to this time because of the weather) and Stanley Park (which I also haven’t revisited for the same reason).


Gastown and the famous Steam Clock in Vancouver

When venturing to Chinatown from Gastown I felt a little unsafe. I have not felt that way when travelling before (except maybe a little uncomfortable in the CBD of Rio), I’m not sure if it’s because I am alone, or because of the circumstance… it seemed like all the homeless/drunks/drug addicts of the city were all walking the opposite way to me – shouting, hollering, stumbling etc. I turned back and decided to return to the hostel with a local beer from the Steamworks Brewery, and sit in the library room to enjoy it… I know how to live!!


Vancouver coastline

There are pro’s and con’s to travelling alone, which are probably obvious, but the hardest thing for me is not feeling confident enough to dine on my own, mainly on weekend evenings when places are packed out with groups of friends socialising. This is terrible for me, as anyone who knows me knows I love trying the local cuisine. Food courts, food trucks and casual eateries are ideal for lone diners like me, but not where I would ideally like to eat!


Waterfront Vancouver

Bye for now!



4 thoughts on “Exploring ‘Raincouver’

  1. Great pics dear…hope you are doing ok, it’s raining here too!!..you are braver than you give yourself credit for..go and eat that lovely food!! Miss you xx


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