“Hey, ho, let’s go!”

My last few weeks in England were rather manic. I hate packing with a passion… which is ironic seen as I love to travel. I especially dislike the decision process involved when packing for an extended trip like this – with differing climates and activities. Anyway, after some much needed help and support from my lovely boyfriend, I got there in the end; some ruthlessness was needed!

I managed to say farewell to most of my loved ones (but work got in the way a little as I was working nights), and tried my best to support my family, who are going through some difficult times at the moment.

My emotions have been varied, to say the least: excitement for what’s to come; nervousness for going it alone; gratitude for the opportunities I have; stress caused by my ‘to do’ list; determination to make my trip work; sadness at leaving behind my amazing family, friends and boyfriend; and love for all those people.

At the moment I am treating it as if I am setting off on a holiday (not a backpacking experience, which is very different, as anyone who’s done it knows), and telling myself I can return home whenever I want, which I can. I don’t want to overwhelm myself with the thought that I must stay away for the whole 14 months that my visas allow, and that I will have to scrimp, save and find lots of help-exchanges… as I might have a breakdown if I do!

Fast forward…

I have arrived in Vancouver safe and sound after a fantastic flight with Air Canada – the plane was empty! I sprawled over 3 seats and nabbed about 5-6 hours sleep on the 9 hour journey.

Getting public transport to my hostel proved a little bit of a mission with my two large bags (one weighing in at 15kg and one at 7kg), but I managed.


A 4 bed dorm room to myself

‘Raincouver’ as Vancouver is otherwise known, is living up to its name… it is consistently wet and pretty chilly. I’m not letting the rain get me down though; I am walking everywhere and seeing some of its fantastic sights.


Walking over the bridge to Granville Island

Last time I visited it was autumnal and very sunny, slightly different to this instance. I am also witnessing far more poverty this time round (I don’t know if I’m just noticing it more as I’m alone), it was clearly evident on my evening stroll yesterday; lots of homeless people sleeping rough. It doesn’t make it a bad city though – the sights, sounds and food are a winner!

Until next time!












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